What is Metallic Epoxy Floor?

Metallic epoxy floors are made from combining liquid epoxy with metallic chips or pigments. This gives you a high-glossy, mirror-like look that is attractive and eye-catchy. If you’re considering installing an epoxy floor in your residential or commercial area, a type of epoxy you should consider is metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxy floors give off a 3D look as a result of the light the metallic pigments reflect at different angles Looking to transform your old and new concrete with metallic epoxy? Schedule a free consultation with an expert today.


Here are the reasons why a large number of homeowners have been switching to epoxy flooring.


If you desire a highly reflective and luxurious look in your home, epoxy floors can deliver just that. With several types and colors of epoxy, you can customize your floor just the way you want it.Epoxy floors exude that glossy look, that your guests won’t stop gushing over.

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Metallic epoxy floors are completely chemical resistant. They are also non-porous. This makes the floor suitable for areas where liquid and chemicals are always present. Such as laboratories, health facilities, commer

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Metallic floors are relatively easy to clean. Routine sweeping and mopping will retain the shine of the floors, as the floor hardly chips, scratches, or fades. In addition, the anti-slip and anti-skid properties prevent falls and accidents even in high-traffic commercial areas such as banks, hotel lobbies, or health facilities.


If you are worried about liquid spills in the kitchen, patio or anywhere else around the house, you don’t have to. Epoxy floors don’t retain stains. This is the reason your floor can retain its color and shine for a long time. In the event of spills, just wipe and go!


XYZ company provides several colors of metallic chips or pigments for customization. You can also mix different pigments to achieve a unique and personalized floor.


Here are the reasons why a large number of homeowners have been switching to epoxy flooring.

Our 6-Step Epoxy Flooring Process

At XYZ company, our epoxy flooring process includes:

Prepare and clean the concrete surface.

At XYZ Company, we believe the perfect floor begins with proper preparation. Preparing the floor ensures dust, dirt, adhesive, or whatever debris is removed from the surface.

Prime the floor with an epoxy primer.

This will make the epoxy adhere more to the floor, and it also ensures durability.

Filling of holes and cracks.

Our epoxy flooring specialists will fill up visible holes and cracks with epoxy before the first coating

Application of the first coat of epoxy paint.

We apply a thoroughly mixed epoxy solution to the entire floor.

Grinding and relayering of the surface.

After the first coating, we lookout for dust, cracks, and other irregularities on the floor. Once found, we grind and layer the surface again to give it a smoother look.

Application of the final coat of epoxy paint.

Once we are satisfied with the results of step 5, we go on to apply the final coat of epoxy. Once the floor is dry, the result is your shiny and durable epoxy floor.

Why Choose XYZ Company For Epoxy Flooring In Houston?

Epoxy floors are strong and made to last only if they are installed properly from the beginning. This is where we come in. XYZ company has been serving the needs of small and big business owners for over a decade, who want to transform their spaces without having to break the bank. Our products are of high quality and sourced from the best and reputable vendors. The combined years of experience we have as a team have given us the advantage to give our clients just what they need – properly installed epoxy floors that are guaranteed to be strong, durable, and beautiful. We closely walk with you right from the design process to installation. We also provide after-service maintenance for your commercial epoxy floors.

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